New Geothermal Web Application

A message from the NBMG Cart/GIS group: This new geothermal web application combines all three previously used geothermal apps into one. Users can switch between Map 161 (MAP 161), Nevada geothermal data (NV), and Great Basin geothermal data (NGDS) by selecting the tabs in the upper right hand portion of the web map (see figure 1). The app is available from the NBMG Maps & Data web page, and can be directly viewed here:

Figure 1

By default, data layers in Map 161 are turned on when first visiting the web application. Simply select the check box next to the layer name to display or hide them.

Certain layers can be searched and downloaded. Those options are available in the upper left part of the screen (figure 2).

Figure 2

Please note that only certain layers can be searched or downloaded at this time.

New Online Resource for Geologic Maps in Nevada


The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has launched a new online resource for geologic maps that fall within Nevada: a searchable, interactive web map. This tool includes all geologic maps published by NBMG as well as numerous other Nevada maps published by other organizations such as the U.S. Geological Survey.

In addition to zooming in and out, panning around the map, and turning layers on and off, users can search by a variety of publication options including number, type, title, author, year, scale, county, and publisher. The search results are highlighted in the map view and are presented in a list that a user can scroll through and click for more information or link to the online resource for download.

This web map was compiled and designed by NBMG GIS team (Jennifer Vlcan, Katie Ryan, Rachel Micander, and Irene Seelye as well as past team members Selena Large and Matthew Richardson) and initiated from data included in NBMG Open-File Reports 2002-01 (Hess and Dennis) and 1997-02 (Klimowicz, Johnson, and Hess). This new resource supersedes NBMG Open-File Reports 2002-01 and 1997-02. Maps will be added to this web map on an ongoing basis.

The web map is available from the Maps & Data page on the NBMG website. The direct link to the application is The web map can be used on desktop and mobile devices and is cross platform (works with Apple, Windows, and Android). By default, only NBMG geologic maps are displayed, but users can turn on the “USGS and other organizations” layer to see additional maps.

We are interested in your experience using this new web map and want to continually improve and update this map. Please send feedback to

Server Upgrade for NBMG Web Applications

With the help of the University IT staff, we recently completed a major server upgrade for most of our web applications and GIS services that are available from the Maps & Data page of our website. As a result of this server upgrade, most of our applications are now supported on desktop and mobile devices, cross platform (Apple, Windows, and Android), and with increased performance and stability.

Please note that some applications/web maps now also have new, simplified URLs. These include:

Application Name New URL
Mining Districts
43-101 Reports
MyPlan (requires login for authorized users only)
Quaternary Faults
Topographic Maps Https://
1:500K Geologic Map of NV
Oil & Gas
Reno Minerals
Minerals and Energy
Renewable Energy

Please be sure to update any bookmarks you may have to point to these new URLs.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this upgrade. If you experience any trouble with our web applications, please contact or 775-784-6691.

New State Managed Lands Interactive Web Map

This message was forwarded from Jennifer Vlcan:

From: Jennifer (Mauldin) Vlcan
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 3:16 PM
Subject: New State Managed Lands Interactive Web Map

An announcement from Stephanie Snider with NV Division of State Lands:
The Nevada Division of State Lands (NDSL) uses spatial data for land use planning, resource protection and responsible stewardship of the lands entrusted to our agency. The State Managed Lands Interactive Web Map makes it easy to view NDSL managed properties to determine land ownership, using agency, performing assets, acreage and much more. To review the web map, download GIS data and connect to the NDSL map service, please check out our Maps and GIS Resources webpage at:

Stephanie Snider
IT/GIS Manager; Business Process Analyst III
NV Division of State Lands
901 S. Stewart Street, Suite #5003
Carson City, NV 89701

New Topographic Map Web Index from NBMG

A huge thank you goes to Rachel Micander (NBMG Cart/GIS group) for creating this new topographic map web app.

NBMG Topographic Map Index:
Instructions for use are included on this web page:

Stay tuned for the interactive index for geologic maps that the Cart/GIS group at NBMG is working on right now.