Discover Science Lecture Series—Thursday, April 9 College of Science, UNR

Speaker: Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Geologist and Apollo 17 NASA Astronaut

“Dr. Harrison Schmitt is an American geologist, retired NASA astronaut, university professor, former U.S. senator from New Mexico, and, as a crew member of Apollo 17, the most recent living person to have walked on the Moon. In December 1972, as one of the crew on board Apollo 17, Schmitt became the first member of NASA’s first scientist-astronaut group to fly in space. As Apollo 17 was the last of the Apollo missions, he also became the twelfth of the twelve men who have set foot on the Moon.”

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Read Nevada Today story (January 15, 2019) by Mike Wolterbeek.

TMCC Distinguished Speaker Series—Thursday, March 26

March 2020 Distinguished Speaker: Dr. Donald C. Johanson: The Lucy Story
When: Thursday, March 26, 2020, 7 PM
Where: Dandini Campus, Reno, Sierra Building, Room 108
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“Although the 3.2 million-year-old Ethiopian fossil skeleton, known as Lucy, was found some 45 years ago it still plays a vital role in our understanding of how humans evolved. The discovery captured public attention and has become iconic.  This discovery is the touchstone by which subsequent finds are compared and judged. She and other fossil human specimens attributed to her species prompted the naming of a new species, Australopithecus afarensis, and a significant alteration in details of the human family tree. Older and more complete human ancestors have been recovered and are testing Lucy’s place in our ancestry.  Why is Lucy still so important today? How well has she stood the test of time since her first announcement? What does she have to tell us about our place in nature? Finally, does Lucy have a future? These and other questions will be illustrated and considered. This program is made possible by a grant from Nevada Humanities.

Funding for this event provided by Nevada Humanities and National Endowment for the Humanities.”

“It is the aim of the TMCC Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) to bring a broad spectrum of speakers to the College to enrich the academic lives of students and community members.

The opportunity to hear a variety of speakers and attend different events offers a greater understanding of different cultural perspectives to participants.”

New Research Published by NBMG Faculty

Footwall rotation in a regional detachment fault system: Evidence for horizontal‐axis rotational flow in the Miocene Searchlight pluton, NV
By Andrew V. Zuza, Wenrong Cao, Nicholas H. Hinz, Joel W. DesOrmeau, Margaret L. Odlum, and Daniel F. Stockli
Tectonics, Volume 38, Issue 7, July 2019, pages 2506-2539
First published: 08 July 2019

Hydrothermal circulation cools continental crust under exhumation
By Wenrong Cao, Cin-Ty A. Lee, Jiaming Yang, and Andrew V. Zuza
Earth and Planetary Science Letters,Volume 515, 1 June 2019, Pages 248-259

Oxygen isotopic investigation of silicic magmatism in the Stillwater caldera complex, Nevada: Generation of large-volume, low-δ18O rhyolitic tuffs and assessment of their regional context in the Great Basin of the western United States
By Kathryn E. Watts; David A. John; Joseph P. Colgan; Christopher D. Henry; Ilya N. Bindeman; and John W. Valley
GSA Bulletin (2019) 131 (7-8): 1133-1156
Research Article, February 14, 2019

Igneous rocks in the Fish Creek Mountains and environs, Battle Mountain area, north-central Nevada: A microcosm of Cenozoic igneous activity in the northern Great Basin, Basin and Range Province, USA
By Brian L. Cousens, Christopher D. Henry, Christopher Stevens, Susan Varve, David A. John, and Stacey Wetmore
Earth-Science Reviews, Volume 192, May 2019, Pages 403-444
Received 11 September 2018, Revised 6 March 2019, Accepted 14 March 2019, Available online 18 March 2019.

Science Talks around Town

If you are interested in attending local geo-talks in the Reno area, you can always check these websites for details about their upcoming meetings.

AEG (Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists)

The Great Basin chapter meets every third Thursday of the month at the Best Western Airport Plaza Hotel and includes a social hour at 5:50 pm followed by dinner at 6:30 pm; the presentation starts at 7:00 pm. Please note: Because of the October 5 field trip, there will not be monthly meetings in September and October 2019.

GSN (Geological Society of Nevada)

NPGS (Nevada Petroleum and Geothermal Society)

UNR COS Discover Science Lecture Series (College of Science)

UNR DGSE Geoscience Seminars Fall 2019 (Dept. of Geological Sciences & Engineering)

Job Announcements from BLM

A message from BLM: We are pleased to announce new, exciting positions available at BLM – BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT. It is our hope that qualified, career oriented individuals at your organization or other professionals known to you will actively consider this position and apply accordingly. Efforts on your part to disseminate this information are greatly appreciated.

Job Description: Resource Advisor;
Announcement Number: CA-Merit-2019-0119;
Location(s) of position: Sacramento, CA, US;
Salary: (USD) $96,311 – (USD) $125,202;
Applications will be accepted until: 07/07/2019.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Job Description: Physical Scientist;
Announcement Number: CO-DEU-2019-0029;
Location(s) of position: Silt, CO, US;
Salary: (USD) $51,440 – (USD) $80,912;
Applications will be accepted until: 07/04/2019.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Job Description: Biological Science Technician (Wildlife);
Announcement Number: NM-DEU-2019-0080;
Location(s) of position: Albuquerque, NM, US;
Salary: (USD) $34,105 – (USD) $34,105;
Applications will be accepted until: 07/05/2019.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Desert Research Institute (DRI) Open House—Wednesday, May 15

May Science Be With You

“This open house is part of a week-long celebration of science and technology in Northern Nevada. Celebrate DRI’s 60th anniversary at this FREE community event for science enthusiasts of all ages!

Wednesday, May 15 (4-8 PM)
2215 Raggio Pkwy., Reno, NV

Join DRI for our first “May Science Be With You” Open House at our Reno campus!


David West Reynolds, PhD, Star Wars Archaeologist Dr. West Reynolds is an archaeologist, space exploration expert, and New York Times bestselling Star Wars author. Among many other explorations and projects, he led the excavation of the lost Star Wars desert filming locations in Tunisia. At “May Science Be With You,” he’ll take guests behind the science of classic Star Wars films and screen his documentary, Journey to Tataouine.

The event will feature DRI lab tours, hands-on activities with DRI faculty, science exhibits, food trucks, Star Wars characters, and Star Wars celebrity David West Reynolds, New York Times #1 best-selling author and Star Wars archaeologist who will share his documentary “Journey to Tataouine.” This event will also showcase participants in the Nevada K-12 STEM Challenge. Science enthusiasts of all ages are invited to attend.

This event is part of the first-ever Northern Nevada Science and Technology Festival, created by DRI and the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. Learn more about the week-long celebration of science at”

Download the event flier here.

Discover Science Lecture Series—April 25

Speaker: Dr. Robert “Bob” Zeigler

Topic: Global Food Security

Dr. Robert “Bob” Zeigler is Director General (Emeritus) of the International Rice Research Institute and an internationally respected plant pathologist. Zeigler has more than 30 years of experience in agricultural research in the developing world, and his lecture titled “Science and policy: the Yin and Yang dynamic of global food security” will explore how science, technology and public policy are in a constant state of flux – a Yin and Yang like dance, as he describes it. From the onset Green Revolution of the 1950s – the large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and high-yield crop varieties – to now, advancements in agriculture technology have shaped our modern understanding of food security in the developing world.

Zeigler’s professional life spanned Africa, Latin America, US, and Asia. He has had a productive research career on diseases of rice that focused on host-plant resistance, pathogen and vector population genetics, and their interactions to develop durable resistance and sustainable disease management practices.

Thursday, April 25
DMSC Redfield Auditorium, 7 PM

Read more here (Nevada Today story, 4-16-19):