Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition Great Basin Rendezvous—September 26 to 28, 2014

Nevada Mineral Exploration Coalition, Second Annual Great Basin Rendezvous
September 26 – 28, 2014

“Come join your fellow geologists and their families to Camp Lamoille in the beautiful Ruby Mountains of Elko County.”

Saturday (September 27) activities include the following:

  • Dr. Chris Henry, NBMG – field trip of your choice: Tertiary lacustrine Elko Formation and its contribution to oil in Nevada–or–Ruby Mountains metamorphic core complex – How it got there and what it has to do with gold
  • Dr. Mike McFarlane – Pleistocene glacial geology of the Ruby Mountains

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Earth Science Week Field Trips – October 11-12

Photos from a previous Earth Science Week field trip led by Jon Price and DD Lapointe / photo credit: Charlotte Stock, NBMG


Save the date! To celebrate Earth Science Week this year, Jon Price and DD LaPointe will be leading field trips for the public on October 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday) in the Carson City area.

There will also be additional activities in Reno throughout the week. More details on all of these activities will be coming soon.

Eco-Mapping Exercise for Teachers

Breccia composed of fragments of silicified andesite from a silica (quartz) ledge on the DRI-TMCC campuses. (Photo provided by authors)

Geo- and Eco-Mapping around DRI
(The Great Altered Rock Walking Tour)

by Jonathan G. Price, Elisabeth M. Price, and Daphne D. LaPointe

This geo- and ecotour around Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library and Desert Research Institute (DRI) is an opportunity to identify and sample local rocks and minerals, see how geologists use the presence of various desert plants to help map the distribution of rocks, and learn about the significance of the local geology. It is designed as an exercise that can be done by students. They can identify several types of rocks and plants, indicate the distribution of the rocks and plants on a map, and discuss why geologists and ecologists make maps.

You will be able to collect volcanic rocks and several minerals that are characteristic of the hydrothermal (geothermal) alteration associated with volcanoes that were active in the Reno area about 16 million years ago. You will also be able to describe and recognize many species of plants, several of which grow on acidic soils that form above altered volcanic rocks.

This publication was prepared for a Nevada Mining Association Education Committee field trip for teachers.

Educational Series 55, 12 pages, color, free online:

NBMG Information Video—Now Available!

The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology conducts cutting edge, societally relevant science that fosters economic development and public safety and involves training of the next generation of geoscientists. Major projects include earthquake hazard studies in the nation’s third most seismically active state, mineral and geothermal resource assessments, and regional tectonic studies of Nevada’s rapidly evolving landscape.

Learn how the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology serves the citizens of Nevada in this informative and beautiful video with audio (produced in cooperation with WebsEdge):