Plate Tectonics, Faults, and Folding: An Introduction to the Structure of the Earth, Crustal Movement, and Associated Land Forms.

This wonderful story map by Rachel Micander, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, was prepared for the Nevada Mineral Education Workshops and based on a presentation given by Rachel Micander and Garrett Wake (Nevada Division of Minerals).


Story on M6.5 Monte Cristo Range Earthquake:

The largest earthquake since 1954 is a reminder that Nevada moves in many directions
By Daniel Rothberg, The Nevada Independent, May 24th, 2020 – 2:00am

Read The Nevada Independent story on the M6.5 Monte Cristo Range earthquake. This story resulted from a discussion with NBMG Director and State Geologist, Jim Faulds.

Related information (updated May 26): Monte Cristo Range Earthquake – May 15, 2020, 4:03 am PDT


Access to GBSSRL – Detour route starts June 2020

The Parr/Dandini Boulevard bridge over U.S. 395 will be closed June through October 2020
Coming from the south, access to GBSSRL will be via Clear Acre Lane (NV-443) to Dandini to Raggio Parkway.…

“Phase 1A: Parr/Dandini Blvd. Bridge Replacement: This phase will replace an aging and structurally deficient Parr/Dandini Boulevard bridge over U.S. 395.”

Office closed to walk-in public until May 15, 2020

As part of the University of Nevada’s effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in compliance with the extension of Gov. Sisolak’s “Stay at Home” order, our NBMG Publication Sales and Information Office located at the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library (GBSSRL) at 2175 Raggio Parkway in Reno will be closed to walk-in business through May 15. The Geological Society of Nevada Office in our building will be closed as well.

You can still place orders on the shopping cart:
or by sending an email to

Please expect a week or more delay in our ability to fulfill mail orders. This closure will be in effect until further notice. Please check our website for updates.

Much information can be downloaded for free here:… (Look for the “PDF” link under the “FREE DOWNLOADS” heading on the publication landing pages.)

NBMG faculty and staff located in the SEM Building on the University of Nevada, Reno campus will also be working remotely from their homes since the campus will be closed. If there is an emergency due to a geologic hazard event, please contact Jim Faulds, NBMG Director and State Geologist:
Cell Phone: 775-813-1895
Office Phone: 775-682-6650

We are sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding!

Job Announcements from BLM

Bureau of Land Management

A message from BLM: We are pleased to announce new, exciting positions available at BLM – BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.   It is our hope that qualified, career oriented individuals at your organization or other professionals known to you will actively consider this position and apply accordingly.  Efforts on your part to disseminate this information are greatly appreciated.

Job Description:  Hydrologist;
Announcement Number:  OR-DEU-2020-0062;
Location(s) of position:  Medford, OR, US;
Salary:  (USD) $52,905 – (USD) $68,777;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/17/2020.

Job Description:  Geologist;
Location(s) of position:  Caliente, NV;
Applications will be accepted until: 04/24/2020.
For additional information on these job postings, please go to:

Job Description:  Interdisciplinary Mining Engineer/Geologist;
Announcement Number:  NOC-DEU-2020-0040;
Location(s) of position:  Reno, NV, US, Cheyenne, WY, US;
Salary:  (USD) $92,592 – (USD) $120,373;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/24/2020.

Job Description:  Interdisciplinary (Mining Engineer/Geologist);
Announcement Number:  NOC Merit-2020-0122;
Location(s) of position:  Reno, NV, US, Cheyenne, WY, US;
Salary:  (USD) $92,592 – (USD) $120,373;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/24/2020.

Job Description:  Survey Technician;
Announcement Number:  NV-DEU-2020-0062;
Location(s) of position:  Reno, NV, US;
Salary:  (USD) $27,800 – (USD) $45,393;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/30/2020.

Search BLM Jobs.

Job Announcement from BLM

Bureau of Land Management

A message from BLM: We are pleased to announce a new, exciting position available at BLM – BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.   It is our hope that qualified, career oriented individuals at your organization or other professionals known to you will actively consider this position and apply accordingly.  Efforts on your part to disseminate this information are greatly appreciated.

Job Description:  Interdisciplinary – Mining Engineer/Geologist;
Announcement Number:  NOC-DEU-2020-0028;
Location(s) of position:  Reno, NV, US, Cheyenne, WY, US;
Salary:  (USD) $107,807 – (USD) $140,146;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/10/2020.
For additional information on this job posting, please visit the vacancy page. 



By Cami Prenn, GSN Foundation Chair

“We’re all hoping things get back to normal soon.  We’re all making plans, then contingency plans, then updating those as timelines get pushed back.  One thing we hope will happen this year is the UNR Geology Field Camp for graduating seniors. Kel Buchanan, Bill Howald, and Bob Thomas are the Foundation Board members charged with evaluating applications and choosing recipients. We’ve heard that they may make some changes to the usual format that would allow Field Camp to carry on so the Field Camp committee went ahead and took applications, read transcripts and letters of recommendation and awarded Field Camp scholarships to two deserving students, Quentin Burgess and Charlie Cryderman.

We won’t be able to award the scholarships in person but Quentin and Charlie have been contacted and we hope to see them at a future GSN meeting to recognize them and hear about their experience. I look forward to having all the students GSN has supported come back as speakers for future GSN meetings!”

A note from NBMG: we have been extremely fortunate to have had Quentin on the NBMG team as a student employee for three and a half years. He will be graduating in May.


A message from Jim Faulds, NBMG Director: Please welcome two new members of the NBMG team. This includes Candice Vivien, our new Administrative Assistant, who will oversee many of NBMG administrative functions, and Michael Darin, an Assistant Professor with expertise in tectonics, structural geology, and tectonostratigraphic studies.  Candice brings abundant managing and organizational skills to NBMG, having managed non-profit organizations abroad.  She also has expertise in photography.  Mike received his PhD from Northern Arizona University in 2019 and joins NBMG after a stint as a post-doctoral scholar with the University of Oregon.  He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in field-oriented studies in a variety of tectonic settings to NBMG.  These additions will significantly augment the administrative functions and capabilities of NBMG while also greatly enhancing our abilities to analyze the geologic framework, natural resources, and geologic hazards of the state and region.  Please see short biographies of Candice and Mike below.  We are very fortunate to have these two very talented individuals joining NBMG.

Mike Darin
Assistant ProfessorStructural Geology & Tectonics

Dr. Mike Darin recently joined the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno as an Assistant Professor in structural geology. After earning his B.A. at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and later his M.S. in Geology at the University of Oregon in 2011, Dr. Darin spent two years working in the oil & gas industry as an exploration geologist for ConocoPhillips Co. He then moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to pursue his Ph.D. in Geology at Northern Arizona University. Since completing his Ph.D. in 2019, he returned to the University of Oregon as a postdoctoral researcher. In the broadest sense, Dr. Darin’s research explores how crustal deformation evolves in time and space at all types of continental plate boundaries, particularly those in transition (e.g., subduction to rifting, collision to strike-slip, etc.). He addresses these questions using a variety of tools including geologic mapping, sedimentology and stratigraphy, fault kinematic analysis, paleomagnetism, geo-thermochronology, basin analysis, and GIS-based tectonic and paleogeographic reconstructions.

Dr. Darin’s research experience spans structural and tectonostratigraphic studies from convergent margins like the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone in Anatolia (Turkey) and the Cascadia margin in the Pacific Northwest, to divergent and strike-slip (oblique) plate boundaries like the Gulf of California-San Andreas fault system. In his current work, Dr. Darin is investigating the Neogene transition from Basin and Range-style extension to dextral transtension across the Walker Lane belt and Lower Colorado River corridor in southwestern Nevada. He is also studying the tectono-sedimentary evolution and paleogeography of the Cascadia margin since the early Eocene accretion of the Siletzia terrane and inception of the Cascade Arc, and he continues to collaborate on a cross-disciplinary, “bio-geo-genomics” project examining the interrelations between landscape evolution and genetic divergence along the Baja California peninsula.

In the future, Dr. Darin is excited to expand his research program to incorporate active fault studies and seismic hazard assessment in Nevada, and to improve our understanding of the geologic framework for mineral and geothermal resource potential across the state by exploring links between structural and magmatic processes in ancient and active systems.

Dr. Darin is very excited to join the NBMG and to enjoy life in the mountains and high desert of western Nevada, which fondly remind him of his favorite places across the mountain west. Besides his family, Dr. Darin loves nothing more than exploring ancient landscapes through geologic mapping, and inspiring and passing these skills on to students in field courses. After hours, you’ll likely find him hiking, biking, snowboarding, banging chains on the disc golf course, or eating pasta.

Candice Vivien
Administrative Assistant, 775-682-8746

For 20 years Candice Vivien’s career has taken her from Northern Nevada to Africa and points between. A graduate of University Nevada, Reno with an emphasis on photography, Candice taught at the school while working as a photojournalist at the Reno Gazette-Journal for more than a decade.

As an instructor, Candice thrived on teaching students how to construct narratives as well as the technical aspects of photography. As a professional photographer, Candice’s photography garnered awards from, among others, the Associated Press, the William Hearst Organization and the National Press Photographers Association. She has been fortunate to have photographs featured in publications ranging from U.S. News and World Report, The New York Times,, USA Today and Stern Magazine. Additionally, the NPPA selected a number of her images as part of its Women in Photojournalism International traveling exhibit.

Candice’s documentary work led her to Africa photographing political and humanitarian events for non-governmental organizations and press agencies. That experience spurred her to launch and manage a non-profit serving remote Kenyan villages. Marshaling a multinational approach, the organization developed clean water sources and advocated for women’s rights and students’ rights.

After her years managing university assets as an instructor to successfully conducting business abroad, Candice is excited to return to UNR and the challenge of streamlining organizational procedures and logistics. When not at the NBMG or behind her cameras, Candice can be found upside down on her yoga mat, chatting with her urban flock of chickens, indulging in documentaries and overindulging Tat & Cha Cha, her precocious felines.