NDOM/NBMG Open Data Workshop—Free!—May 14

The Nevada Division of Minerals and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology invite YOU to attend a FREE ½ day workshop at the GBSSRL (Gold Building):
2175 Raggio Parkway Reno, NV
Tuesday May 14, 8am – 12pm

Lucia Patterson (Nevada Division of Minerals) and Rachel Micander and Jennifer Vlcan (Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology) will lead the workshop on May 14.

“The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate what data is available on our websites and how to leverage built in functionality. Users will learn how to navigate the data, utilize the interactive maps, customize displays, employ widgets, view and export data. Please bring a laptop, and if you don’t have one then some will be provided.

Presentations highlighting each open data site will be followed with attendee guided demonstrations.”

NDOM Open Data website:

NBMG Open Data website:

RSVP to Lucia Patterson

Questions: (775) 684-7053
20 attendees MAX

1997 New Year’s Floods—20th Anniversary


The start of the new year marked the 20th anniversary of the devastating 1997 New Year’s floods of western Nevada, which caused over 450 million dollars in damage and closed downtown businesses in Reno for weeks. This event was caused by a phenomena known as the “Pineapple Express” (more generally known as an “atmospheric river”) in which several warm storms tapped into moisture plumes sourced near the Hawaiian Islands. These storms produced heavy rainfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, saturating the soil and melting existing snow pack resulting in flows around 18,000 cfs in the Truckee River. Footage from that event is shared below from the KTVN Channel 2 News Facebook page:

You can also see the 1997 flood extents for the Carson River, Reno area, and Walker River in NBMG’s MyHazards-Nevada interactive web map:


Click the “Floods and Drought” group (wave icon) then checkmark on the “Historical Floods – NBMG” layer to turn on the 1997 flood layers. Several sublayers available for each flood area, which can be viewed by clicking the gray triangle next to the layer names to expand the layers.

Given that western Nevada has a flood watch in effect for this weekend, it’s worth noting that there are other useful layers available in MyHazards-Nevada, such as live feeds for weather watches and advisories, radar, and current flooding, in addition to layers for other geologic hazards including a live feed for recent earthquakes.

For those interested in learning more about the 1997 New Year’s floods, NBMG Special Publication 23 is a detailed report on that event:
Links to other flood- and weather-related publications are available on this landing page.

New Online Resource for Geologic Maps in Nevada


The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has launched a new online resource for geologic maps that fall within Nevada: a searchable, interactive web map. This tool includes all geologic maps published by NBMG as well as numerous other Nevada maps published by other organizations such as the U.S. Geological Survey.

In addition to zooming in and out, panning around the map, and turning layers on and off, users can search by a variety of publication options including number, type, title, author, year, scale, county, and publisher. The search results are highlighted in the map view and are presented in a list that a user can scroll through and click for more information or link to the online resource for download.

This web map was compiled and designed by NBMG GIS team (Jennifer Vlcan, Katie Ryan, Rachel Micander, and Irene Seelye as well as past team members Selena Large and Matthew Richardson) and initiated from data included in NBMG Open-File Reports 2002-01 (Hess and Dennis) and 1997-02 (Klimowicz, Johnson, and Hess). This new resource supersedes NBMG Open-File Reports 2002-01 and 1997-02. Maps will be added to this web map on an ongoing basis.

The web map is available from the Maps & Data page on the NBMG website. The direct link to the application is https://gisweb.unr.edu/GeologicMaps/. The web map can be used on desktop and mobile devices and is cross platform (works with Apple, Windows, and Android). By default, only NBMG geologic maps are displayed, but users can turn on the “USGS and other organizations” layer to see additional maps.

We are interested in your experience using this new web map and want to continually improve and update this map. Please send feedback to nbmg@unr.edu.

Server Upgrade for NBMG Web Applications

With the help of the University IT staff, we recently completed a major server upgrade for most of our web applications and GIS services that are available from the Maps & Data page of our website. As a result of this server upgrade, most of our applications are now supported on desktop and mobile devices, cross platform (Apple, Windows, and Android), and with increased performance and stability.

Please note that some applications/web maps now also have new, simplified URLs. These include:

Application Name New URL
Mining Districts https://gisweb.unr.edu/MiningDistricts/
43-101 Reports https://gisweb.unr.edu/43-101Reports/
MyHazards https://gisweb.unr.edu/MyHazards/
MyPlan (requires login for authorized users only) https://gisweb.unr.edu/MyPlan/
Quaternary Faults https://gisweb.unr.edu/QuaternaryFaults/
Topographic Maps Https://gisweb.unr.edu/TopoMaps/
STATEMAP https://gisweb.unr.edu/STATEMAP/
1:500K Geologic Map of NV https://gisweb.unr.edu/NevadaGeology/
Oil & Gas https://gisweb.unr.edu/OilGas/
Reno Minerals https://gisweb.unr.edu/RenoMinerals/
Minerals and Energy https://gisweb.unr.edu/MandE/
Renewable Energy https://gisweb.unr.edu/RenewableEnergy/

Please be sure to update any bookmarks you may have to point to these new URLs.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this upgrade. If you experience any trouble with our web applications, please contact nbmg@unr.edu or 775-784-6691.

Text-Only Search Tool Added to Mining District Files

Text-Only Search Tool:

A new text-only search tool has been added to the mining district files and is great for mobile devices and for those with slow internet connection. Please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser before searching.

Interactive Map:

The interactive map includes the same search functionality as the original tool—plus new features. Go to the interactive mining districts web application now or read the how-to guide first.

New Interactive Mining District Map

Rachel (Wearne) Micander, GIS Specialist with the NBMG Cart/GIS group, has created a new interactive mining district map, and you can view the beta test of that map here.

New: Beta test of the interactive mining districts web mapping application and how-to guide.

Please send any comments and suggestions that you may have to Rachel Micander: rwearne@unr.edu

Creation of map services and interactive maps are an important component of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology mission. Interactive maps are developed as a tool for users who may not have access to their own datasets or GIS software. Users can download specific databases, excel files and PDF’s, search layer information, and view updated data without any special skill other than internet familiarity.

The Mining District Files consist largely of historical and current maps, reports, articles, photographs, correspondence, assays, production reports, and reserve information on all aspects of mining in Nevada. These have largely been donated to the NBMG over the years from individuals, companies, and other government agencies.

Over the last several years, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has undertaken the digital conversion of these paper documents into scanned images. The files contained in the mining district files are in PDF file format. The digital file conversion project at NBMG is ongoing. Some records are copyrighted and have no link associated with them in the search results. However, these documents are available for viewing at NBMG’s Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library.

See other interactive maps created by the NBMG Cart/GIS group here:

Take a five minute vacation with this geologic photo tour of Nevada: