Geological Society of Nevada 2020 Symposium, May 14–24, 2020

Early Registration Ends Friday, February 28, 2020!
Geological Society of Nevada 2020 Symposium, May 14-24, 2020

4 full days of Technical Sessions!
6 Field Trips!
11 Short Courses!

Keynote Speakers:  Rich Goldfarb, Quinton Hennigh, Joe Mazumdar, Keith Meldahl, Elizabeth Miller, John Prochnau, Eric Seedorff, Dick Sillitoe, Moira Smith, and Chuck Thorman.

Presentations, Field Trips, and Short Courses by NBMG Faculty:  Jim Faulds, Andrew Zuza, John Muntean, Bridget Ayling, Mike Ressel, Chris Henry, Rich Koehler, Mark Coolbaugh, and students Justin Milliard and James Ingraffia.

NBMG is a CO-HOST! Look for NBMG at Booth 69.

The Symposium is being held at the Nugget Casino Resort, Reno/Sparks, Nevada.

Call for information:  775-433-8758.

GSN Symposium—May 14-23, 2015; NBMG will be at booth #19 at the GSN Symposium.


“Plan to attend the GSN Symposium, New Concepts and Discoveries, May 14-23, 2015 to be held at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Reno/Sparks, Nevada. This is the seventh in a series of symposia designed to provide an international forum for scientific discussion of geological processes and their relationships to ore deposits.

Four days of talks will be accompanied by pre- and post-meeting field trips to the premier mining districts in Nevada. Pre- and post-meeting short courses will be offered. Posters and a full slate of excellent core shack displays from the Great Basin and beyond, along with vendor exhibits, will be on display throughout the meeting. A pre-meeting forum, is sponsored by the Society of Economic Geologists, is also scheduled.” (from GSN Symposium Registration Booklet)

The following NBMG faculty members will be participating in technical sessions at the Symposium: John Muntean, Jim Faulds, Chris Henry, Sean Long, Mike Ressel, and Nick Hinz.

More information on the GSN Symposium here:[][]

A message from John Muntean: “The GSN Symposium is held every five years, and it is by far the best way to get up to date on the geology, ore deposits, and exploration activity in Nevada and the Great Basin.  [The links above] provide an overview of the symposium and the list of speakers and talks for symposium’s technical sessions.  There are numerous field trips and short course before and after the trip.

In addition, a SEG Forum on the Diversity of Carlin-style Gold Deposits is being held May 17th.  We know much about the large Carlin-type deposits in Nevada but relatively little about similar deposits elsewhere in the world. This SEG Forum investigates whether these similar deposits have vastly different origins, or whether they are variations on a theme.

The Great Basin is one of the world’s greatest metallogenic provinces.  Despites its importance, relatively few researchers work in the area.  We hope that by enticing you to come to the Symposium you may decide to take on some of the many questions remaining about the geology and ore deposits of the Great Basin.”

Here are some publications of interest for post-meeting field trip participants:

You may find more on our publications page:

GBSSRL Open Monday May 18 for GSN Symposium Visitors

Courtesy: Charlotte Stock
Courtesy: Charlotte Stock

The Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library houses the NBMG Publication Sales and Information Office and the Geological Society of Nevada office.

Our normal hours are Tuesday to Friday (8-3), but we will be open on Monday May 18 this week only to accommodate GSN Symposium out-of-town visitors.

You may order publications on our shopping cart or phone in an order and request delivery at the GSN Symposium. Order by Monday May 18 for free delivery to the Symposium. You may pick up orders at GSN Symposium booth #19.

Geological Society of Nevada 2015 Symposium—May 14–23


A note from Laura Ruud, GSN Office Manager: The G.S.N.’s 2015 SYMPOSIUM is almost here!  Mark your calendars for May 14-23, 2015.  The Symposium Committee’s dedicated volunteers have been hard at work for almost 3 years lining up a great Technical Program, 7 Field Trips, 11 Short Courses, Posters, Core Shacks, Exhibits and plenty of Social Events!  EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28TH!  (Price goes up on March 1st!)  The Registration Committee encourages you to register online at:  then click on “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” which will take you to the registration site.

Data for Eocene Igneous Geology—Railroad District, Southern Carlin Trend

Open-File Report 15-3
Analytical data to accompany “Eocene Igneous Geology and Relation to Mineralization: Railroad District, Southern Carlin Trend, Nevada” in Geological Society of Nevada Symposium Proceedings, May 18-21, 2015

by Christopher D. Henry, Mac R. Jackson, David C. Mathewson, Steven R. Koehler, and Steve C. Moore

Open-File Report 15-3, CD-ROM, contains 8 pages of text (PDF) plus additional analytical data (Excel spreadsheets), $20.00

Available free on the Web:
text (443Kb) – zipfile (6.58 Mb)

Purchase here:

GSN Symposium 2015

May 14–24, 2015

John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel and Casino in Sparks, Nevada


“Even as much as the world has become available for exploration over the past decade, miners continue to return to Nevada. Why? Political stability, transparent regulatory environment, good infrastructure and GREAT GEOLOGICAL POTENTIAL. Miners return to focus on Nevada’s geology and its important mineral deposit types: Carlin, epithermal and intrusion-related gold and silver, as well as other deposit types (porphyry Cu and Mo, IOCG and industrial materials) are also rising in importance.”

A message from Laura Ruud, GSN Office Manager:  The GSN 2015 Symposium Committee has been hard at work for months now organizing the next magnificent GSN Symposium to be held May 14-24, 2015!  [Please see link below for] the first announcement flyer, and we encourage you to read and share with any colleagues you wish that may not be GSN members and who will want to participate.  The Committee has already started lining up the field trip itineraries, speakers, exhibitors, posters, a core-shack, and a joint GSN-SEG Forum to be held on May 17, 2015 the day before the Symposium technical sessions begin.

Questions regarding the meeting can be directed to Molly Hunsaker, Symposium Chair, at  If you have questions about submitting an abstract, or an idea for a technical paper, the Technical Program Chairs are John Muntean and Moira Smith.

Co-hosts for the GSN Symposium 2015 are Society of Economic Geologists, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, and U.S. Geological Survey.

GSN Symposium 2015 flyer: