Northern Nevada Teacher Workshop—July 17 and 18


A message from the Nevada Mining Association website: “The 34th annual Northern Nevada Mineral Education Workshop is right around the corner! This year’s event will take place July 17-18 at Reno’s Wooster High School. The NvMA and the Nevada Division of Minerals co-host the workshop, which allows Nevada K-12 teachers to receive a continuing education credit with no cost to attend. Participating educators spend each day learning about Nevada minerals and geology from area experts and touring area mine operations and museums.

Join us July 17-18 for the 2018 Northern Nevada Mineral Workshop. We are offering two fun-filled days of rocks, minerals, and mining. This workshop will be our 34th Annual in Northern Nevada.

The workshop is provided FREE to teachers, everything is provided by the Nevada Mining Association members and Nevada Division of Minerals.

The goal of the workshop is to educate K-12 Nevada teachers about earth sciences, the importance of mined materials and the role that mining plays in our lives. Classroom materials and lessons will be provided to all who attend. All lessons are Nevada standards-based and fit the new STEM standards.

  • Receive and share information to increase knowledge of the earth sciences.
  • Analyze information to develop lesson plans appropriate to all grade levels.
  • Understand the importance of mining and the minerals industry today.
  • Teachers can receive continuing education credit for attending.

We are excited to unveil a new workshop format for this Workshop. This new format will provide two mornings of classroom sessions and two afternoons of mine tours.

Day 1: Teachers will select two classroom sessions for the morning to learn about rocks and minerals. In the afternoon we will go out and visit active mining operations.

Day 2: Teachers will select two classroom sessions for the morning. Come into the main hall for some group presentations followed by prize drawings for a microscope and a real gold splatter! We will then depart in the afternoon to tour the mine you missed on the first day.

All food, beverages, snacks, safety equipment and travel arrangements for the tours are provided by us! So, come join us and see how much mineral education rocks!” (from NvMA website)

The following geologists will be teaching the classes: Rachel Micander, Jon Price, and DD LaPointe (from NBMG); Rob Ghiglieri, Lucia Patterson, and Courtney Brailo (from Nevada Division of Minerals); and Maureen Leshendok, Terry Jennings, Patti, Sam, Maria, Joe, Ginger, and Beth.

Watch for the Southern Nevada Mineral Workshop in Las Vegas in March!

Earth Science Week—October 8–14: Governor’s Proclamation


Governor Sandoval has proclaimed this week as Earth Science Week in Nevada:

geology and the other Earth sciences are fundamental to the safety, health, and welfare of Nevadans; and

WHEREAS, the Earth sciences are integral to finding, developing, and conserving mineral, energy, and water resources needed for Nevada’s continuing prosperity; and

WHEREAS, the Earth sciences provide the basis for preparing for, and mitigating, natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, expansive soils, and subsidence experienced from time to time in Nevada; and

WHEREAS, the Earth sciences are crucial to environmental and ecological issues ranging from water and air quality to waste disposal; and

WHEREAS, knowledge of geological resources, hazards, and environment are vital to land management and land use decisions made in Nevada; and

WHEREAS, the Earth sciences contribute directly to our understanding and appreciation of, and our respect for nature; and

WHEREAS, the Earth sciences are an integral part of education for students all across the Silver State;


NBMG Earth Science Week Field Trip—October 21

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A land in transition! Ancient river courses, young volcanoes, recent earthquakes, and modern debris flows in the Carson Valley

We hope you can join us on Saturday, October 21 as geoscientists from Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology explain the geology of the Carson Valley—in celebration of Earth Science Week 2017 and the importance of earth sciences to the people of the state of Nevada.

Major stops on this field trip will include the following:

  • A “young” one-million-year-old cinder cone volcano
  • Evidence of ancient rivers flowing from central Nevada to the Pacific Ocean before the Basin and Range of Nevada dropped down because of faulting
  • Recently active earthquake faults
  • Geothermal springs
  • The 2014 Hot Spring Mountain flood and debris flows

Trip leaders Seth Dee, Bridget Ayling, and Chris Henry will be available to answer your questions about geology and identify a variety of rocks.

More details here:

Girl Scouts Honor DD LaPointe

The Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada honored DD LaPointe with one of the five “TRIUMPHANT–Celebrating Women in Leadership” awards. “Each of our honorees represents one of Girl Scout’s five focus areas: Environmental Leadership, Healthy Living, S.T.E.M., Community Service, and Financial Literacy.”

Girl Scouts 2016 Triumphant Honoree
Women Changing Nevada: S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)dd

Shown above: page 8 from the “Triumphant” program, November 17, 2016

Cami Prenn nominated DD for this honor “in recognition of D.D. LaPointe’s dedication to the students and teachers of Nevada in motivating and educating them in the earth sciences and the study of geology.”

“DD is the Outreach Coordinator for Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and has been the key source of information about earth sciences for countless teachers and students in Nevada for over 30 years. In addition, she serves with the Nevada Mining Association’s Education Committee and organizes and teaches two workshops every year for Nevada’s teachers to give information, materials, and ideas for integrating earth science activities into classrooms.

Besides that, she is head of the Education Committee for the Geological Society of Nevada’s Foundation where she organizes and administers the K-12 Field Trip Grant program that awards funds for transportation for classes to visit points of geologic interest. DD is a perennial volunteer for GSN Foundation’s student programs, scholarships for UNR and UNLV students, field camp grants for geology students’ field camp course and works hard to raise funds for those programs.

In addition, she regularly assists with tours of the W.M. Keck Mineral Museum at the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering and keeps a supply of mineral specimens to give students at career fairs or science fairs to pique their interest and give them a souvenir to take home.” (excerpt taken from nomination by Cami Prenn)

Congratulations to DD!

Girl Scouts and STEM

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