Job Announcement for Wyoming State Geologist

Applications Sought For Wyoming State Geologist: The State is seeking applicants for a six-year appointment to the cabinet level position of State Geologist/Director of the Wyoming State Geological Survey, based in Laramie, Wyoming. The State Geologist is the chief administrator of the Wyoming Geological Survey, as well as a member of various boards, commissions and groups in Wyoming. The applicant must meet statutory requirements as per Wyo. Stat. §9-2-801 through §9-2-810. Résumés accepted until position filled.

For further details or a full job description, contact Colin McKee:
Wyoming Governor’s office
Phone: 307-777-7930 or

Nevada Mineral and Energy Resource Exploration Survey 2015/2016

Authors: Michael W. Ressel and David A. Davis
Year: 2017
Series: Exploration Survey ES-2016
Version: previously issued as “Nevada Exploration Survey” by Nevada Division of Minerals; second issue of the new NBMG series
Format: 16 pages, color
Download/purchase here.

The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) carried out an online survey of companies exploring for new metal, industrial mineral, and geothermal resources in Nevada. The Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources and the Nevada Division of Minerals commissioned and provided partial support for the survey. The impact of mineral and energy production from existing resources on the Nevada economy is well known. However, the impact of exploration activities, which focus on discovering new resources, is poorly understood due to limited data. Exploration activities are burdened with high risk as substantial investments are not guaranteed to result in mineable resources. Indeed, only rarely do exploration programs result in successful resource extraction, and then only after many years of capital investment and development activities. Despite this, exploration success is imperative for the continued well-being and sustainability of natural resource industries in Nevada.

A goal of this survey was to gather data to better assess the impact of exploration on Nevada’s economy. The survey’s focus was to collect data on company expenditures in Nevada and the number of employees involved in exploration in 2015 and 2016. Expenditures were subdivided by various categories and participants were asked to rate the relative importance of external factors on their exploration programs. The survey requested participation from 296 companies presumed to explore for mineral and geothermal resources in the state. Of these, responses from 86 companies were obtained, another 23 responded that they no longer explored in Nevada, and 54 non-responding companies were researched using public domain sources for their 2015 and 2016 Nevada expenditures.

The results verify that Nevada exploration activities were substantially curtailed as a result of the continued global decline in commodity prices since peak activity during 2011–2012, when the last survey was undertaken. Major findings are included in this publication.

Job Announcements from BLM!

Message from BLM: We are pleased to announce new, exciting positions available at BLM – BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.   It is our hope that qualified, career oriented individuals at your organization or other professionals known to you will actively consider this position and apply accordingly.  Efforts on your part to disseminate this information are greatly appreciated.

Job Description:  Assistant Field Manager (Operations);
Announcement Number:  NM Merit-2017-0062;
Location(s) of position:  Amarillo, TX, US;
Salary:  $85,816 – $111,560;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/26/2017.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Job Description:  Educational Technician – PART TIME;
Announcement Number:  OR-DEU-2017-0046;
Location(s) of position:  Medford, OR, US;
Salary:  $32,844 – $42,702;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/19/2017.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Job Description:  Educational Technician – FULL TIME;
Announcement Number:  OR-DEU-2017-0045;
Location(s) of position:  Medford, OR, US;
Salary:  $32,844 – $42,702;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/19/2017.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

Job Description:  Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic;
Announcement Number:  NM Merit-2017-0063;
Location(s) of position:  Amarillo, TX, US;
Salary:  $38.67 – $38.67;
Applications will be accepted until:  04/28/2017.
For additional information on this job posting, please click here.

DGSE Colloquium Speaker Series—April 24:

Slemmons Lecture: Dr. James Dolan

List of other confirmed seminar speakers for Spring 2017:
04/24 Dr. James Dolan (USC) – Slemmons Lecture
05/01 Dr. Keith Priestley (Cambridge, UK)

The Dolan lecture is at 4:00 p.m., but the building has not yet been determined.
Parking at UNR

If you have questions, you can contact Philipp Ruprecht, Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences, at 775-682-6048.

AEG Monthly Dinner Meeting—April 20—RSVP BY TODAY April 18!

Mackay Student Speakers Presenting for a Grand Prize of $300!A message from AEG: We would love to have many professionals attend this meeting to ask questions, provide feedback, and help us vote for the winning presentation!

Here are the students and their topics:

  • Sage Gandolfo—An Overview of the Geology of Finland Including the Fennoscandian Craton (Baltic Shield)
  • Evan Saint-Pierre—Lateral Loads on Drilled Vertical Shafts Caused by Caliche
  • Meredith Kraner—Earthquake Weather—Evaluating Seasonal Deformation in the Vicinity of Active Fault Structures in Central California using GPS Data
  • Andrew Pugh—NSF funded research project studying the evolution of the Santa Rosalia basin in Baja California Sur

Cost: Members: $25.00; non-members: $29.00; Students: Free Student Dinners Sponsored by AEG

M.S. Thesis Defense by Patrick Quillen—April 20 

Buffalo Canyon: An Oligocene Greisen-Like Reduced Intrusion-Related Gold Deposit in the Union Mining District, Nye County, Nevada
Advisor: Dr. John Muntean
Thursday, April 20th at 1:00 p.m., LME 415

You are invited to attend Patrick Quillen’s defense this Thursday, April 20th, 2017LME 415. 1:00 p.m.
Parking at UNR

Buffalo Canyon is a gold prospect located near the historic Berlin mining area in the Union district of northern Nye County, Nevada. LA-ICPMS dating of zircon (U-Pb) from 11 samples reveal three distinct periods of magmatism – in the late Jurassic (162 to 158 Ma), the late Cretaceous (83 to 77 Ma), and the Oligocene (25 to 24 Ma). Oligocene intrusive rocks are intermediate to felsic, metaluminous to weakly peraluminous and locally ilmenite bearing. Muscovite + tourmaline alteration is locally pervasive within Oligocene intrusions.  Mineralization is defined by free gold-bearing, sheeted, crack-seal quartz veins that locally contain muscovite, tourmaline and fluorite within veins and as envelopes. Veins have a Au-Te-(Mo-Bi-Sn) elemental association, high Au:Ag ratios (>1:1) and are hosted in both hornfelsed country rocks and weakly in Oligocene intrusions. Veins contain common hypersaline brine and coexisting vapor-rich fluid inclusions, which combined with thicknesses of coeval Oligocene volcanic rocks suggest estimated paleodepths of < ~3 km for deposit formation. Mineralization strongly resembles typical reduced intrusion-related gold systems that are well defined in Alaska and Yukon, but only a few examples have been documented in Nevada.

2018 Nevada Geology Calendar Photo Contest—ends May 31

Calling all photographers! NBMG is still accepting photographs for the Nevada Geology Calendar 2018.  If you have photographs of interesting geologic features or landscapes from your fieldwork or travels that you would like to submit for next year’s calendar, email Jack Hursh at NBMG. Please see details of the contest here.