New Publication on 3D Modelling Programs

2019 Synopsis of Three-dimensional Geological Mapping and Modelling at Geological Survey Organizations

Authors: MacCormack, K.E. Berg, R.C. Kessler, H. Russell, H.A.J. Thorleifson, L.H.
Date: 2019-10-22
Download Special Report 112

Dick Berg, Director, Illinois State Geological Survey, shared this publication with AASG members.

“Since the publication in 2011 of the “Synopsis of Current Three-dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling in Geological Survey Organizations” there has been an increased uptake of 3D mapping and modelling methods at geological survey organizations (GSOs) across provincial, territorial, state, and federal levels. This mirrors a growing recognition of the societal value of geoscience data management, geological mapping, visualization, and modelling applications to support science-based decision making in the areas of sustainable resource development, environmental protection, and public safety.

This update to the 2011 publication will provide geoscience organizations with a guide highlighting the recent successes, accomplishments, and challenges experienced by GSOs in the development and deployment of their 3D modelling programs. It will provide context for organizations looking to gain support within their organizations to build 3D modelling programs by leveraging the business cases and approaches highlighted by international surveys with successful 3D modelling programs.”

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