AGI Webinar—August 21 Exploring a Career in the Minerals Industry

A message from Leila M. Gonzales, Ph.D., Technical Specialist, American Geosciences Institute:

We are sending this email as a courtesy to the geoscience community. The Geological Society of America (GSA) will be hosting a free webinar entitled “Exploring a Career in the Minerals Industry” on Wednesday, 21 August 2019, at 11:00 a.m. MDT.

To register for this free event, please visit the Geological Society of America.

This webinar will feature two presenters from Newmont Goldcorp who will provide perspectives of a senior project manager and a student near graduation on what a geologist does in this important sector and what it takes to work within this industry.

Presenters: Terry Briggs, General Manager, Newmont Goldcorp Elaine Lord, Intern, Newmont Goldcorp

Mineral resources are essential for the world, from precious metals such as gold and their relationship to the global economy, base metals and rare earth minerals and their use in electronics through to industrial minerals used in creation of steel and other construction materials used in our everyday lives. In the last century these non-renewable resources have become both more readily mined and technically challenging to reach. This webinar will feature the perspectives of a senior project manager and a student near graduation on what a geologist does in this important sector, and what it takes to work within this industry.

Geologists in the hard rock sector are engaged in the discovery of metals and minerals as well as their interpretation and potential extraction. The mine development cycle creates opportunities for geoscientists in exploration, modelling, environmental, geotechnical and production teams. Geoscientists in this field can work either for contracting and consulting firms or directly for corporations ranging in size from junior explorers to multi-national mining firms. Opportunities can include working in remote locations in the field and or undertaking interpretation from regional centers, this often involves being part of a cross-functional team. As with any industry, demand fluctuates with the market but skilled workers are always needed and a good mining company invests in developing safe, long-term projects. Exploration and Mining geologists work to fulfill the world’s mineral needs with integrity, expertise, and safety while facilitating community involvement, job creation, and transparency.

Sponsors: Geological Society of America, American Geosciences Institute, American Geophysical Union, and the Society of Economic Geologists

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