UNR Arboretum “Tree Talk” Series—April 25:

Charlie TruettnerTrees, Drought, and Climate Change in the American Southwest
Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 PM, William Raggio Building, Room 2003
Parking at UNR
Sponsored by the Arboretum Board at UNR

Charlie’s talk will combine science and story centered on his experiences as a graduate student and professional in the deserts of the American Southwest.  Conifers located on top of desert sky islands have and are experiencing mortality events like no other in modern history.  Through the use of dendrochronological and paleoecological methods, Charlie interprets trends of conifer tree species from the past to help understand projected vegetation change over the 21st century.

Charlie is a PhD student in Dr. Franco Biondi’s DendroLab and the Geography Department at UNR.  He received his M.Sc. in Quaternary Science at Northern Arizona University, and he has worked for or collaborated with the National Park Service, United States Geological Survey, Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research, National Science Foundation, and many other academic institutions in the American Southwest.

For more information, please contact:
Cheryll Glotfelty
Professor and UNR Arboretum Board Chair

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