Ralph J. Roberts 20th Distinguished Lecture in Economic Geology–Feb. 20th

The Center for Research and Economic Geology will be hosting Ralph J. Roberts 20th Annual Lecture Series event Thursday, February 20, 2014, 3:30 PM in the Theater of the Joe Crowley Student Union, at UNR.

Speaker: Dr. Stuart Simmons, Consulting Geoscientist, Hot Solutions & Senior Research Scientist, Energy and Geoscience Institute, University of Utah

Title: Spatial and Temporal Variations in Epithermal Ore-Forming Processes

Sponsored by the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering,
Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology, and The Ralph J. Roberts
Center for Research in Economic Geology (CREG), Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering

Free Parking will once again be available in the Brian J. Whalen parking complex, just south of Lawlor Events Center (see link to UNR map for detail).

On the top floor of the parking structure is a kiosk. Please type in the code: #7841382 for your free parking receipt. Once you have the receipt, please place this receipt on your dashboard and you may park anywhere you like on the top two floors of the Whalen Parking Garage.


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