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New at NBMG: Geothermal core from Rye Patch area–new Open-File Report

Open-File Report 11-10

Descriptive Logs, Skeletonized Samples, and Photographs of Core from Presco Energy’s Thermal Gradient Wells P 3-1, P 10-1, and P 32-2 in the Rye Patch Area, Pershing County, Nevada

by David A. Davis


This report, which is available as an online document at, describes the selective sampling (skeletonizing) of diamond drill core from three geothermal wells drilled in the Rye Patch area. The skeletonized samples can be viewed at the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library (GBSSRL), and the lithologic descriptions of the core, photographs of the entire core, and photographs of the individual samples are posted online.

Web-only version free on the Web at

About the author:
David Davis, NBMG/GBSSRL

About Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library:

About geothermal energy:


New at NBMG: Map 174: Geologic map of the Caetano caldera, Lander and Eureka counties, Nevada

by Joseph P. Colgan, Christopher D. Henry, and David A. John


A 1:75,000-scale, color geologic map of the 34 Ma Caetano caldera, Lander and Eureka counties, Nevada with descriptions of 41 geologic units and one cross section. Accompanying text includes full unit descriptions and references. More than 100 percent extension beginning in the middle Miocene tilted the caldera into a set of approximately 40-degree east-dipping fault blocks that provide exceptional exposures of the entire caldera to its floor, including Paleozoic sedimentary rocks and pre-caldera volcanic rocks in the floor, intracaldera Caetano Tuff up to 4 km thick, ash-flow tuff feeder dikes, caldera collapse breccias, post-collapse resurgent intrusions, and the caldera structural margin and topographic wall.

35X27-inch color plate and 10 pages of text
rolled or folded
$20.00; or free on the Web at

Information about the authors:
Chris Henry, NBMG:

Joseph Colgan, USGS:

David John, USGS:

Erionite in the news

NBMG Director, Jon Price, reported recent interest in the health hazards of erionite. Due to that interest, Bulletin 79 was just posted free on our website:

T-shirts anyone?


We are placing an order for NBMG T-shirts tomorrow, at the end of the day.

If you would like any extended extra large or extra small sizes, please call us at (775) 682-8766 by the end of the day tomorrow, Friday December 9, to prepay your order. Apologies for the short notice. Otherwise, we will have the usual sizes available for sale: first come, first serve. The order should arrive just before Christmas, but no guarantees. Here are some photos of the shirts from our previous order:

Annual Keck Mineral and Rock Sale, December 14th!


The annual mineral and rock sale will be held on Wednesday, December 14 (Prep Day) from noon – 3 p.m. inside the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum, at the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Proceeds this year benefit the museum and the Mackay Rockhounds. Come on by and find some interesting and unusual holiday gifts!

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