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NBMG column in the RGJ: Geothermal energy can help power Nevada

Congratulations to Lisa Shevenell and D.D. LaPointe for recently writing a great column on Nevada’s geothermal energy for the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper. If you didn’t see the printed version, you can view the full article at

Geothermal map – now available as zip file

M161 – Nevada geothermal resources, by Robin Penfield, Lisa Shevenell, Larry Garside, and Richard Zehner, 2010

A 1:750,000-scale color map showing geothermal resources in Nevada, including active direct use applications and power plants as of June 2010. Locations are based on a compilation of databases containing information on thermal springs, geothermal wells in the literature, geothermal wells permitted by the State of Nevada, and thermal gradient wells. Site locations have been updated and corrected from the Nevada Geothermal Resources map published in 2005 (NBMG Map 141, 2nd edition).

plate (8.9 Mb)GIS zipfile (141 Mb)